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How much Apple charges for every part to fix your own MacBook ?

Apple revealed it would expand its Self Service Repair program to let you fix your own MacBooks

But what will Apple actually let you buy? It's not obvious until you enter your serial number and route around the company's entire store.

You have to buy the entire top lid that comes with that and other parts preattached, and it’ll cost you more than twice the $199 that Apple charges for a battery replacement.

Battery or Keyboard Price

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Apple expects you to lay out as much as $4,222 for a new logic board

Motherboard Price.

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You should wind up paying $588 for a 16-inch MacBook Pro board, $500 for a 14-inch or 13-inch MBP board, or $368 for an M1 Air board, no matter how loaded it is.

You can also opt for Apple’s $49 tool rental — if you’re willing to sign away its whole purchase price in the event you don’t return it within seven days.

Apple company is dramatically incentivizing you to return the original part.

You can find a list of everything that comes with the MacBook tool rental at the bottom of this webpage